Barbara Mori recently did a travel show titled “Life Mein Ek Baar”.

After Kites met with a lukewarm response, Barbara Mori, who everyone thought would do more Hindi movies, had no option but to pack up and leave. Though there were rumours that she would eventually return to Bollywood, it was just idle talk.

But soon, Mori will be seen by the Indian audience, not on the big screen but on the small screen. She recently did a travel show titled Life Mein Ek Baar. The entire show was shot in South Africa and some Indian models, including Yana Gupta, featured in it.

Hopefully, after this show, Mori will get some offers from Indian filmmakers and make her comeback to the big screen.


By: Archana Vijaya:

I was out of the country for close to a month.
Doing what?
Well, pole dancing!
And doing a whole lot of other crazy things in life that I had never
imagined I would do.
I was away in South Africa to shoot an adventure reality show. And
trust me, I came back with cartloads of new experiences.
And not just that, I also came back enriched as a person.
Having conquered my fears.
Meeting some of the most interesting people in my life.
The adventure reality show that I shot for is titled ‘Life Mein Ek
Bar: When Angels Dare’.
Four hot girls – Barbara Mori, Yana Gupta, Kiran Bhattal, Diandra
Soares – and myself. Believe me, unlike what others would imagine,
there was absolutely no catfight amongst us. Instead, we were helping
each other. Every one of us came from different backgrounds. And we
were all facing our fears. And, enjoying the camaraderie out there.
I cycled all the way to the Cape of Good Hope. On the way, a car hit
me and I injured myself all over. Yet, I came back like a warrior
When I reached the Cape of Good Hope, I forgot all my pain. It was the
most spectacular view that I had ever seen. Cape Town is one of the
most good looking cities in the world. As I marvelled at the city, I
told myself that god must have taken the luxury when he was building
this city. Bahot fursat se banaye the Cape Town.
I was particularly scared of sky diving. For a moment, I almost like
Farhan Akhtar’s character in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. We were
supposed to sky dive from 10,000 feet. When the airplane had reached
some 2,000 feet, I was still not that scared. I asked my instructor if
we were supposed to jump from that height. He looked at me and said:
“No, five times higher than this!”
I literally had my heart in my mouth when I was about to take the
leap. But once up in the air, it was the most liberating experience of
my life.
On another day, a shark tail came and smacked me on my face! It was
bizarre, to say the least.
My mother cried buckets over the phone, worrying about me. But I knew
I had to conquer my fears.
I am so glad I went and did all the tasks.
But what fascinated me the most was meeting these wonderful girls.
When ‘Kites’ had released, I had heard that Barbara Mori was a cancer
survivor. When I met her on the show, it was a very enriching
experience. Barbara is a bundle of joy and so down-to-earth. She had
conquered such a massive illness and was back to pursing her dreams.
That’s such a wonderful thing. She has a 15-year-old son too. Having
fought with cancer and then to be participating in an adventure
reality show is not a matter of joke. Interacting with her was such a
rewarding experience.
It was Barbara’s idea to visit the Cheshire Home in Cape Town. Initial
numbness gave way to tears. I met the disabled who were in need of
care. Never in my life have I cried so much. I spent five hours
listening to all their tales. They said they loved how I spoke to
them. “People usually don’t treat us like normal. They talk to us
loudly and slowly as if there is something essentially wrong,” they
said. What moved them was the fact that I spoke to them as a friend.
Barabara was there with us all along. She was sad but didn’t cry. On
our return journey, she said: “I have been doing this for such a long
time.” I knew what she meant. There was a stoical silence on her face
that expressed the firmness of having conquered the tragedies in life
and having had the guts to move on.
If Barabara was a revelation, so was Yana Gupta. All this while, her
onscreen image had to do with stories around her item numbers and
controversies. But on this trip, I discovered another Yana. She is a
breath of surprise air. A simple girl, Yana is into Chinese medicine
and organic food!
The icing on the cake was the night I went pole dancing. I have been
to discs and pubs across the world. Yet, pole dancing wasn’t something
I had ever tried. Diandra suggested we try it out. Initially, I was
apprehensive. But slowly, I started enjoying.
Memories of my ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ days were coming back.
I slipped up and down the pole, trying all my sexy moves. It was the
first time that I felt sexy while working out!
The shoot is over and I am back to India. I am still high and soaking
in the thrill of having taken an emotional roller coaster ride. I
couldn’t have asked more than this chance of getting paid to do the
craziest things on earth. And most importantly, I survived!

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