Barbara Mori and others on the premiere of the movie we Nobles

Bárbara Mori attends with her son, Sergio Jr. (also son of Sergio Mayer), who is a teenager, the premiere special of the tape “Us los Nobles”, Mexican comedy starring Gonzalo Vega, Karina Souza and Luis Gerardo Méndez, which arrives this weekend to the national Billboard.

other guests were Aislinn Derbez, Gonzalo Vega, Chema Torre, Erendira Ibarra, Michel Rodriguez, Mossy Sandini, Nailea Norvin, Stefani Sigman and the special guest, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera.

when German Noble (Vega) – a manipulator and powerful businessman – realizes that the lazy of children – Javi (Luis Gerardo Méndez), Barbara (Karla Souza) and Charlie (Juan Pablo Gil) – are throwing their lives away, decides to pretend the bankruptcy of his company to teach them a lesson, making them believe that all its properties were foreclosures: leave them without cars, mobile phones and credit cards, it leads them to live in a poor neighborhood, it makes them change of surname and cut off contact with all your friends to get ahead doing something that none of them had done before… work.

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